Facts About Ecstasy Side Effects

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What are the side effects of the drug Molly or Ecstasy?

Morningside Recovery Examines the facts about ecstasy side effects

The rampant use of the drug “ecstasy” these days is more common than ever before. The drug is a simple form of MDMA and is also known as the “Molly Drug”. It is very important to know all these Facts About Ecstasy Side Effects as well as the damages and consequences it can have on the people who use it. One of the reasons the drug is so popular is largely due to its power in creating feelings of happiness for the user. In fact, Ecstasy is also known as the ‘happy drug’ and many of the pills sold are very colorful with smiley faces on them. While the user may have feelings of peaceful rapture for a while, after a few hours, the high and euphoria will go away. Just as with all other drugs, the “happy & positive” effects of ecstasy are short-lived and leave the user feeling doleful and despondent. Experts at Morningside Recovery and other drug and treatment clinics agree that ecstasy addiction and abuse has become a major problem in America as well as all over the world.

What brought about the sudden surge and the blind enamoredness with the drug? How did the use and ‘love’ for the drug catch on so quickly? There are many factors to consider. One of the most influential to mull over was the introduction of house and techno music combined with neon and blinking lights in the 1980s. It was during these popular “raves” in nightclubs and wild parties all over the world for millions of teens and young adults to attend that the abuse of ecstasy spread like wildfire. Events such as these facilitated and encouraged widespread drug abuse; chiefly with ecstasy and cocaine. The  combination of music, lights and ecstasy caused instant exhilaration and brought about delirium as well as blissful feelings of euphoria. Many users say that the effects of cocaine are similar to those of ecstasy.

 Facts About Ecstasy Side Effects

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Morningside Recovery & The Side Effects of Ecstasy Drug


As far as treatment, counseling & help  is concerned a certified treatment center such as Morningside Recovery should always be considered. The harsh truth and facts about Ecstasy side effects are that the abuse of the drug can end up causing long-term brain damage. They also include acute and/or chronic depression as well as many other complications. The reasons for this are both alarming and disturbing. The drug increases the production of “serotonin,” which is  a hormone in the pineal gland known to make us feel good. While there is always some serotonin in the brains naturally, most of our body’s total serotonin is in the gut (About 80%) These are found in our enterochromaffin cells. This is where it normally regulates intestinal movements. The remainder of the serotonin is synthesized in the serotonergic neurons which are found in our central nervous system. The problem is that ecstasy causes and releases a flood of it. However, these extra shots of serotonin or 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) as it is also known, soon fade after the drug wears off. The serotonin producers in the brain also end up being damaged as part of the result of using the drug. This often leads to depression, suicidal thoughts and much more. Many drug abuse articles have focused on this problem of serotonin production after users take ecstasy as well as the MDMA side effects long term damages it leaves behind. You can find out more about Morningside Recovery’s Drug Addiction Treatment program here.


Photo of normal brain and Brain on Ecstasy drug - Morningside Recovery
Side by side photo comparison of a normal human brain and one on Ecstasy drug


Many studies have also shown major memory loss after years of using drugs such as the molly or ecstasy. Still, even short-term use can lead to many hindrances and complications. Drug abuse is a serious problem, and ecstasy is no exception. Sometimes, this addiction even mimics the effects of heroin addiction.


The causes of drug abuse are many, and it takes a trained professional to get to the root of the problem. If you or someone you know has a problem with ecstasy, seek help from Morningside Recovery or another licensed treatment center immediately for the long-term damage that addictions can cause. knowing these Facts About Ecstasy Side Effects can help you or others be informed so as to never want  to use or touch such a dangerous substance.



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